Tweak Management

Hospital Productivity

Wondering if your hospital is running efficiently? Perhaps you feel that things could improve but don’t know where to start? We can help you by providing objective measurements of efficiency for each of your departments, using your historical and current data.

The first step typically begins by looking at productivity by department for the current year compared to the previous year. We have found that involving the department staff in the methodology of measuring their own performance from one year to the next virtually eliminates any hostility towards the process. We are transparent with where the data comes from and welcome questions and involvement from the staff. We continuously emphasize that they are not being compared to anyone else.

In most instances we have found that just by providing this efficiency data to department staff they take the initiative to ensure that efficiency continues to improve from previous periods. Just as important, the data provides an objective measurement of efficiency for the CEO to take to the board. If staff costs are up then this is an excellent way to show exactly where productivity is down, and conversely those departments with higher productivity than the previous year. Also a great method for determining productivity bonuses!

Are you objectively measuring productivity by department?

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